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Contact Us

Eric Bradley
453 Waterloo Row
Fredericton, NB
E3B 1Z6

Telephone:  506.455.8176 Home

Email:  castleb@nbnet.nb.ca

  • If you want to give FLTDUTY XLS a "test flight", contact me directly (email is best) and I will make up a free trial download for you.  The trial version is full functioning but limited to 3 pilot records and good for 60-90 days.

  • If you set up real pilot info and scheduling during your trial period, you will not lose any of your data if you then decide to purchase the registered version.

  • For FLTDUTY users:  If you have questions, suggestions or feedback about your own experience using this program, I am always interested and can probably help.  It is nice for other users to benefit from all the experience (including any input from TC audits) and I can offer these tips and suggestions for all on this site if you contact me - either phone or email.

  • Sometimes, in the aviation forums, FLTDUTY is mentioned and comments or questions arise.  If you see some discussion about duty times and CARs limits and you think FLTDUTY may be able to help or I might have a constructive comment, please let me know.